Muaythai.Fit was born from the idea of offering Muaythai style training for the fitness community using the best traditional techniques of Muaythai, combined with Functional & HIIT style training, alongside Low-Impact Mobility to blend into a high energy, Full-Body Workout.

Muaythai.Fit is for any fitness level & brings the confidence, health, looks, performance and versatility of a Muaythai Fighter to the general fitness consumer and to each Muaythai.Fit product & class. Our programming is unique & innovative, with no two days ever the same.

With locations in development across the globe, we’re leading the industry to provide members with a high-energy, sustainable workout that preserves the longevity of the body, trains the mind and achieves their fitness goals.

A number of international event series brands have been established or acquired to cater to different markets, fans and fight disciplines, while EB-TV is the biggest online streaming portal in combat sports. Other EB brands include muaythai gyms in Bangkok, Phuket and around the world, as well as a selection of merchandising and combat sport equipment brands. 

Yves Preissler Business Consulting is a privately owned business consultancy with extensive experience in building performing fitness concepts & fitness businesses. With a focus on turnkey solutions for fitness-, leisure-, sport-, and spa projects, YP advises gyms & hotels in Europe, the Middle East (GCC), Africa, Asia and South America. The company has an excellent network of industry professionals and suppliers alike.

Technology AND

Fight Gear Partner

MTG produces world class combat sporting gear. Used by professional fighters and aspiring enthusiasts alike, MTG has been the choice of serious athletes for the last 10 years.


Now officially recognized as an Olympic Sport, muaythai is more popular than ever before.

As one of the world’s most intense and demanding combat sports, muaythai involves an intensive training regimen that takes dedicated proponents to the peak of their physical fitness and mental strength.

Designed to burn calories, tone muscle and improve the body’s suppleness, muaythai training is one of the most effective full-body workouts. With an ever-growing number of people of all ages and genders taking up muaythai training as a means of reaching peak fitness rather than preparing for a career as a professional fighter, Elite Boxing & YP Business Consulting have developed Muaythai.Fit to give more people than the ever the chance to benefit from a muaythai-inspired training circuit. In addition to burning calories and toning the body, the Muaythai.Fit workouts sharpen mental strength, builds self-confidence and teaches self-defense techniques.



Brand new fitness concept combining Muaythai, Functional Training, Mobility & Flexibility, Mindfulness
Easy and cost effective set up
Merchandise & retail opportunity (MyZone belts, gloves, chin guards, supplements)
Top quality equipment that is reliable, enhances your offering & sets you apart from your competitors
Highly qualified head quarter team with experience in Muaythai, Events, Finance, Gym Set Up & Operations
Supporting applications for online customer engagement, brand loyalty and additional revenue


Muaythai.Fit™® is a group of “kick ass” workout experiences 

  • Muaythai 10 (The 30min experience of Fight & Functional)
  • Muaythai 20 (The 60min experience of Fight & Functional)
  • Flex & Relax by Muaythai.Fit (The 30 & 60min experience of Mobility & Mindfulness)
  • Muaythai 4ME (An application for Personal Training & Coaching)
  • Muaythai 2GO (An application for on demand Muaythai & Functional Workouts)

Its a fitness workout and therefore you do not hit or get hit.

Founded by a group of ambitious individuals & partners who have real Muaythai fight experience, a fitness business success track record, finance background and events – Muaythai.Fit is a blend of fight, functional, cardio & mobility interval fitness experience that provides dynamic, high-intensity & low-intensity workouts that are effective, fun and save.

Muaythai.Fit classes alternate between original Muaythai Fight techniques, working out with weights and body weight & cardio bursts.

Each day emphasizes on different muscle groups to achieve a fun workout experience, deliver real results and to help reduce the risk of injuries.

Muaythai.Fit classes also include Mobility & Relaxation, alongside Mindfulness to allow users to benefit from a strong body & calm mind. Just like a muaythai fighter.

Muaythai.Fit is for everyone interested to have fun, improve well being and get fit.

We welcome newcomers – the best time to start is today! If it’s your first time, our team & trainers will look after you in any class you choose. We do not have a “newcomer’s” class. Muaythai.Fit classes are created for you to pace, challenge and learn more about yourself & your body — you can set your own level of intensity and work in between the timed intervals as per your stamina, fitness level and on your experience. Heart rate feedback will help to pace yourself.

To make the most of your first Muaythai.Fit experience, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early for your first class.

The great thing about Muaythai Fit and the collection of exercises is that you don’t have to be “good” to start. In your first few classes, you choose a pace, exercise variations and duration that feels comfortable, safe but yet challenging for you. While our instructors will be pushing you, you ’ll be the one pushing yourself, insert yourself into the crowd, learn & train together. If you really don’t want to include fighting drills in your first class at all, you have the option to book a  Flex & Relax class and ease into the Muaythai.Fit workout experience.

We recommend 2 – 4 classes per week as an optimal number, with 2 classes per week at a minimum if you’re hoping to see visible results, develop coordination, get flexible and achieve your other fitness & well-being goals. With 3 classes you’d do what most of our members do. But, as always, listen to your body — if your muscles are very sore, give them time to recover.

First, as with most things in life, individual results may vary. We also want Muaythai.Fit to be foremost save, fun, a community and a learning experience – before a calorie driven experience.

Depending on your body weight and effort, it is possible for clients to burn from 700 to 1,000 calories per class. But it doesn’t end there. Vigorous participation can also help raise your resting metabolism rate so you can burn more calories even after you leave the studio. This is what is commonly called the “after burn.” Using the MyZone heart rate belts can ensure you working at your optimum. The use of the MyZone heart rate belt is optional, whereby we recommend it to get the best out of your workouts and track your results.

Most days, the functional exercises are focused on a specific part of the body. There are two reasons for this:

  1. It’s the safest option for people who really want to get fit fast — switching muscle groups creates the biggest impact and reduces the risk of injury.
  2. We come in all different shapes and sizes, and all of us have something about our appearance we ’d like to prioritize.